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White Petrified Wood Retro : Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of White Petrified Wood Retro: Nature's artistry in every slab, from Precious Gem Surfaces

White Petrified Wood Retro gemstone slabs offer timeless beauty with their unique patterns and ethereal hues. Each slab tells a story of ancient forests, preserved in stone, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space. Perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and feature walls, these slabs bring a sense of history and sophistication to interior design. Crafted with care and precision, White Petrified Wood Retro slabs from Precious Gem Surfaces offer a one-of-a-kind statement for your home or commercial project. Embrace the beauty of nature with these exquisite gemstone slabs, destined to become the centerpiece of your design.


Minimum Slab Size2 ft x 2 ft
Maximum Slab Size350 cm x 190 cm
Thickness1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm
Surface FinishPolished
UsageFlooring, Countertop, Vanity Tabletop, Claddnig, Dining Table, Bar Counter, Wall Panels, Furniture
Refractive Index 1.53 - 1.54
Water AbsorptionNonporous

Versatility in Design Applications

In essence, White Petrified Wood Retro gemstone slabs offer not only aesthetic appeal but also a sense of connection to nature and a timeless elegance that transcends trends. From countertops to accent walls, flooring to custom furniture, the versatility of White Petrified Wood Retro allows it to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of interior design styles, imparting a sense of natural beauty and sophistication to any environment.

  • Timeless Countertops and Vanities: White Petrified Wood Retro slabs make for stunning countertops and vanity tops in kitchens and bathrooms. The unique patterns and textures inherent in each slab add a touch of natural elegance to culinary and grooming spaces, while the durable nature of petrified wood ensures longevity and practicality.
  • Elegant Backsplashes and Accent Walls: Incorporating White Petrified Wood Retro into backsplashes or accent walls infuses interiors with warmth and character. Whether used as a striking focal point behind a stove or sink, or as a full-wall installation in living areas or bedrooms, the organic beauty of petrified wood adds a sense of tranquility and sophistication to the space.
  • Distinctive Flooring Options: White Petrified Wood Retro flooring offers a distinctive alternative to traditional hardwood or stone floors. Its unique grain patterns and pale hues create a sense of timeless elegance, while the durability of petrified wood ensures resilience against wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Artistic Accents and Custom Furniture: Incorporating White Petrified Wood Retro into custom furniture pieces, such as tabletops, consoles, or decorative accents, adds a touch of rustic charm and natural beauty to interior spaces. These unique pieces serve as focal points, infusing rooms with a sense of organic sophistication and individuality.
  • Creative Design Elements: Beyond traditional applications, White Petrified Wood Retro can be creatively integrated into various design elements, such as fireplace surrounds, shelving units, or even lighting fixtures. Its versatility allows for endless possibilities, enabling designers and homeowners to experiment with texture, color, and form to create truly unique and personalized spaces.

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White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro White Petrified Wood Retro

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