Tiger Eye Gemstone Slab - A Royal Gemstone

Tiger Eye is a gemstone crystal that has a very unique band of yellow, darker yellow, golden-colored bands running on its surface. The stone itself is one of the most precious and beautiful stones when it comes to Zodiac or interior Designing in general. People rush to secure even the most compact forms it might be available in. Tiger eye and all types of Agate are the birthstones for people with the zodiac sign Gemini. Among the people with believe in the zodiac system, the stone is very popular as it signifies balance and stability. It also portrays reliability and reliable it is.

Gemstone of any kind is one of the toughest materials found on this planet. And because of this toughness, the products made out of it are sturdy and durable. At Precious Gem Surfaces, we are one of the biggest manufacturers and procurers of Semi precious items and fittings. Our wide variety of products includes Tiger Eye in all shapes and forms such as Tiger Eye Slabs, Tiger Eye Wash Basins and Tiger Eye Tabletops and countertops.

Tiger eye slabs are made out of individual pieces of Tiger Eye stone by binding them all together. The strength of the stone is intended to be kept the same even when it is in the form of a slab. It's done by binding with resin the product of which is cut according to requirements then polished and cleaned. The slab has semi precious stone properties such as strength and shine and because it is translucent it can be backlit. This makes them excellent for Tabletops in the living room where even in the dark with just a small light underneath the slab can give out a captivating view of its interior.

The Tiger Eye slab, as are all semi precious stone slabs, is resistant to stains and bruises. It is among the strongest materials to be made into an interior decorative item. Even if it is a decorative item, in no way is it unreliable. Semi precious stone slabs or any other items are known to last longer as they are more durable and with water, stain and cut-resistant properties of the stone, it makes for a perfect choice of material even for a kitchen slab or a countertop.

Tiger Eye stone slabs are beautiful, they’re alluring to look at, they have a magnificent design and they’re sturdy, durable and strong. But the most important feature of the Gemstone Slab is its spiritual significance. It is quite an extraordinary stone when it comes to Zodiac signs, especially for Geminis but even if we set aside what was and what wasn’t mentioned for the Zodiac, the stone in itself has its own aura that calms you down and brings one to peace. Apart from signifying balance and peace, the stone is also said to have brought self-confidence and inner strength to the people in its proximity.

Elegant designs that are featured on its surface are unique and the translucency we are given is just right to make a bland little piece of furniture a splendid-looking piece of art. Bands of yellow and golden anywhere at a place of residence make for a royal sort of look and the feel of grandeur. At Precious Gem Surfaces we try to provide you with the best possible items made out of different types of gemstones that include slabs, tiles, wash basins, wall claddings and much more. We strive for perfection and we work to serve.

golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye slab