Tiger Eye Gemstone Slab

Tiger Eye Slab is one of the quince slabs, this slab texture is like tiger skinks. These slabs are used in making furniture and interiors design for home decor. Tiger Eye Slab is one of the attractive slabs, its design is the most popular nowadays. If you will use tiger eye slabs for decorating your home, office, hotels, etc it will look royal due to the slab’s unique appearance. This tiger eye stone has been known and widely used since ancient times and its stone has an eye-catch and royal look. The stones are used to make actual eyes for gods’ statues. Tiger eye stone is also used as a good luck charm stone.

How the Tiger Eye Slab can be applied?

There are various applications of Tiger Eye Slabs like it can be used in T.V.Panel compass, Floors, Walls, tables, Backsplash, Wardrobes covering, Dining Table, clods, coasters, jacuzzi compass, gate covering, Vanity Mirror compass, Tabletop, Swimming Pool walls, Steps, and uptick, Bathtub, etc. Tiger Eye Slabs is having natural beauty which makes it remarkable in the semi-precious slab and surface segments. It’s having natural healing power like painkilling & headache heal. Tiger Eye stone is also used in making jewelry. This stone quinces and give a royal jeweler look. Precious gem surface is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of Tiger Eye Slabs across the country.

Tiger eye slab color varies from gold to brown which has different lights on it that can be seen in various colors and shades. It has an excellent shade to make feel like a royal living house. The best premium quality precious surface from the tiger eye stone family is Tiger Eye Slabs that is available in India and the size can also be customized as per requirements. The unique combination of golden and yellow texture slab for your home interiors and makes this stone the perfect choice for royal interior decor.

We are the top manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Tiger Eye Slabs and tiles. We are available with the different sizes of tiles and slabs accounting for the customer requirements. We have a wide range of collections of different colors of tiger eyes slabs like Yellow, Red, Multicolor, Matrix, Iron, Golden, Blue, and patterns which Looks unique & beautiful when used as a countertop, worktop, bar top, bathroom wall, kitchen top, backsplash, etc. The tiger eye slab challenges you to step outside of the box it makes a positive impact on the all around you.

Its luster by yellow and brown stripes give it the effect of Tiger’s eye. The tiger eye has yellow colors, which symbolizes prestige. The tiger eye slab is a highly affordable gemstone as well. We offer the product at a very affordable price. If you want to purchase feel free to reach out.

golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye slab