Tiger Eye - A Luxurious Stone

Are you aware of the properties of natural stones and the benefits that come with them? Those who love and understand natural stones must be aware that each stone has a set of properties that differentiates itself from the others. In ancient times, many people relieved that these gemstones and semi-precious stones carried many health and spiritual benefits within it that can enhance the aura of the person. Even today, many people acknowledged their benefits and used them in their homes to create a feeling of calm and peace. Speaking of one such powerful stone, Tiger Eye is basically a member of the chalcedony mineral family and has been known to have a silky lustre and opaque transparency. It is a commonly used metamorphic rock that comes in a beautiful range of shade and has been associate with self-confidence and inner strength. Tiger Eye in the form of slabs has been a highly popular material among homeowners. Precious Gem Surfaces is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Tiger eye slabs in India.

Tiger eye slabs have been known to add a unique look and outstanding longevity to the space it has been installed. It has excellent cogitative qualities that provide the interior spaces with a glossy and shiny look. This stone slab is rich and elegant in its colour and has great properties that make it a highly renowned product for kitchen as well as bathroom applications. Tiger Eye Slabs have used in kitchen countertops, bathroom tops and even in flooring and this is the kind of natural stone that is particularly rare but at the same time can provide a unique glossy shade that can easily catch the attention of the visitors. The tiger eye slabs offered by us are of the best quality materials and can be used in a wide range of applications in residential as well as commercial projects.

Properties of Tiger Eye Slabs :

  • Tiger Eye Slabs is a stone of courage, strength and power and stimulated the three chakras to help one remain grounded during the time of stress.
  • Tiger Eye is a rare crystal with beautiful bands of yellow and golden colour throughout its surface.
  • It is a durable stone of beauty and strength and is used in a wide range of applications such as flooring, wall cladding, tabletops, vanities and also in furniture.
  • Tiger eye slabs striking beauty highlights the interior of the homes and adds a striking aura to any space.

  • Tiger Eye Slabs are basically manufactured by glueing a lot of smaller piece of tiger eye together which makes a striking, large semi-precious slab that can be backlit because of its transparency and unique and luxurious features. These slabs hold a captivating shine that makes them a remarkable choice for the home. The royal beauty and the natural flawless pattern and texture of the tiger eye slabs make them completely unique and a different kind of product.

golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye slab