Semi Precious Slabs Are Best For Home Decor

Semi-precious slabs are a great way to add style and personality to your space whether you prefer it for your kitchen countertops or for flooring. With so many options available in the market, choosing the best semi-precious slab for your space could be highly overwhelming. Precious Gem Surfaces offers a wide range of semi-precious slabs that are available in different colours, styles, finishes and texture to create the perfect look for your home. One of the major reasons why semi-precious slabs are the most preferred choice among homeowners is because it has been believed that these slabs are not only incredibly beautiful but at the same time is constructed from some of the toughest materials on the planet, making them an ideal long term investment for your home or commercial property. These slabs are known to add the touch of luxury needed to perfect the backsplash in a high-end kitchen or the unique accent that turns a boring wall into a brilliant feature.

What Makes Semi Precious Slabs A Wonderful Choice For Countertops?

  • Eye-catching - Semi Precious slabs are the perfect choice that can make your countertop the centrepiece of your space. Whether you rich dark colour variety like Golden Tiger Eye Slab or opt for light colour variety like Agate Slabs, these semi-precious slabs will mesmerize and will inspire your space.
  • Sustainable Choice - Semi-precious slab material is carefully selected and arranged by hand to create truly mesmerizing countertops. The process of selecting creates very little waste material. This makes semi-precious stone slabs one of the most eco-friendly options out there for countertops and many other similar projects.
  • Easy To Maintain - Another major reason why semi-precious slabs are preferred for countertops is that they are super easy to clean and maintain You would have to just wipe up with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and that’s it will be cleaned. .

Further, Picking up affordable and cheerful interior decor is becoming more popular as many inexpensive home stores offer a variety of furniture options. Changing up your home decor from time to time can be very refreshing and using semi-precious slabs for that purpose can create a sophisticated and elegant look. No matter what your style, install semi-precious countertops at your home and you will never get tired of the beauty it creates. Moreover, by bringing one of these elegant slabs into your home, you are introducing a piece of art of nature that has survived millions of years to your space. These slabs are known to increase the value of your home not only in sentimental terms but also in monetary terms. As it has been seen that many homes are valued on the basis of their interior designs and materials which can be an impressive factor in attracting interest down the line. By installing our range of semi-precious slabs on your bathroom counter or kitchen island, you will notice the difference in the polished feeling it contributes to the decor.

Blue Agate Slab
Golden Tiger Eye
Petrified Wood