Semi Precious Gemstone Artifacts

The name may confuse some regarding Semi Precious stone’s sheer elegance, beauty and popularity amongst the new generation of homeowners and interior designers. People these days desire an eccentric and outlandish look to their spaces which accounts for them to go for Semi precious Gemstones for various of their interior items such as Tabletops, countertops and slabs. These stones have also gathered attention as a very suitable option for Wall claddings and bathroom accessories like washbasins.

The difference between Semi precious and precious gemstones is negligible and people these days have quite a fascination for Gemstones but because of their minimal abundance or one must say rarity, these can't be made into home decorative items. Semi precious on the other hand is semi precious because of their availability in nature and not because of their lack of Gemstone properties. Thanks to these aforementioned properties these Gemstones are used in the making of various home commodities such as Semi Precious Table Tops, Semi Precious CounterTops, Semi precious Slabs, Semi precious Wash Basins and much more.

With the Semi Precious Table Tops at your place of residence and even at your place of work would strive for attention. Onlookers stare at it with awe at its eccentricity and urging elegance it is embedded. A piece of furniture needs to go well with the other items in the room such as the Wall paint, the frames on the wall and even the flooring. With Semi precious gemstones you get to experiment with all sorts of colors and design types we bring to your disposal. The material that we have in stock include colored Quartz such as Golden Quartz, Smokey quartz, Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Colored Agate such as Blue agate, Black agate, Brazilian Blue Agate, Brazilian Gray Agate, Brown Agate, Yellow Agate, Moss Agate and much more. The variation in the color of semi precious stone and the difference in the texture of all its types make it a perfect look for literally any space with any particular aesthetics.

Apart from tabletops, semi precious Gemstones are an equally better option for bathroom accessories like washbasins and wall claddings. The walls in the Bathroom are constantly exposed to water and stains. Usually the stones used in the bathroom end up with leakages as the water in the span of a few years of rushing about makes it weaker. Most Gemstones are not porous and are the most durable when used as a bathroom accessory. Washbasins too with a touch of the Semi Precious Stones may give out a glimpse of elegance and grandeur.

The addition of these semi precious items to your place creates luxuriance and brand with their looks. At Precious Gem Surfaces, we are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Semi-Precious Stone items such as Table Tops, washbasin and slabs. Our products can largely be used in residences for a rich living experience. We also supply our products to hotels, shopping malls, laboratories, offices, boutiques and so on. We have a variety of shapes to choose from. Each of our products is available in different widths, lengths, elevations, some are even custom made as per the requirement of our clients. The main features of Semi-precious Stone items are that they have this very peculiar shine to them, have an excellent surface finish, are scratch-resistant and give a high aesthetic look to the space it's put in.

Their durability, their strength and ease of maintenance add to that the fact they're adoring to look at making them the perfect choice for your next project.

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