Golden Tiger Eye Slab

When we think of creating a sophisticated environment for our space, one thing that always comes into our mind is which could be the best material that can add a touch of royalty to our home. Knock the socks off your guests and neighbours with the luxurious semi-precious Golden Tiger Eye Slabs. The Tiger eye is considered to be a stone of power and thus was named after the extremely powerful tiger, King of the animal realm. Whether you have a large space or a small area, it is often the semi-precious stone slabs that can be a showstopper for your home. Precious Gem Surfaces is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Golden Tiger Eye Slab in India. Golden Tige Eye is basically a powerful chakra stone that helps in turning mindful ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change. Golden tiger eye is well known to offer you spirits, strength and self faith. It is known to improve and encourage inventiveness and is one of those stones which also support the awareness of anthropologies.

Features Of Golden Tiger Eye Slabs:

  • Golden Tiger Eyes slabs have the ability to turn any space into art with its beautiful texture and colour.
  • Another major feature of Golden tiger eye slabs is that they could be used in a wide range of applications such as countertops, wall cladding and more.
  • Golden tiger eye slabs are known to enhance grounding and also helps in promoting energetic protection. .
  • The golden tiger slabs are renowned for their fine finishing and exclusive designs that can enhance the look of any space.
  • Another benefit of using golden tiger eye slabs that they also enhance the psychic abilities and balances the lower chakra.

Since the earlier times, Semi-Precious slabs have the ability to transform the look of any space. They are known for their durability and rich texture. Our range of golden tiger eye slabs is renowned for their unique look and better longevity. This stone slab adds a definite class and luxurious look to the room decor. The brilliance of the natural stones adds a rich colour tone to various home decor spaces. This stone is also highly preferential to have a calming effect on the surroundings. Precious Gem Surfaces supply the best quality golden tiger eye slabs that can highlight the beauty of the bathroom, living room, bedroom and many other spaces. Its royal beauty, colour and flawless patterns make it completely different from other semi-precious slabs.

Moreover, Tiger eye stone contains luminous layers of asbestos with a quarts matrix forming a complex yet regular pattern making it excellent for scrying. Changing up the look of your home from time to time can be very refreshing, no matter how your space looks like, having a golden tiger eye slab for your home provides you with an anchor to decorate around. With the trend of ever-changing tastes of interior design, these timeless slabs offer the kind of investment that you won’t regret making.

golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye Slab
golden tiger eye slab